Wednesday, January 27

‘Possession’ Takes Over Two New Cast Members

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‘The Blair Witch Project’ seems like such a long time ago for co-director Eduardo Sánchez. Can he ever get back to such horror heights? Possibly by putting ‘The Blair Witch Project 3’ into development he may get back on track, in the meantime however he is dealing with ‘The Possession’. The new supernatural tale that he co-wrote with Jamie Nash is currently in pre-production and he has just nabbed himself two new cast members in the form of actors Johnny Lewis and Alexandra Holden (below).

“POSSESSION explores the thin line between demonic possession and psychosis; it starts off as a simple horror film about things that go bump in the night but slowly turns into a thriller about the evil power that exists inside one troubled young woman. The film centers on a young newlywed couple that falls prey to a demonic spirit. “

Lewis will play the groom while Holden stars as the bride’s sister and maid of honor.

Alexandra Holden stars in ‘Possession’
Alexandra Holden stars in 'Possession'

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