Producers Leave ‘Godzilla’ Project But Warner Bros Announce March Start Date

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‘Godzilla’ producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee are reportedly leaving the new Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures co-project that is to be helmed by Brit writer/director Gareth Edwards. The news that the duo are leaving the project however shouldn’t fill you with fear as its merely for scheduling issues as the producers are busy busy busy with various other projects including ‘The Woman in Black: Angels of Death’ as well as other up in the air horror remake projects like ‘Poltergeist’ and Stephen King’s ‘It’. But all’s well in the ‘Godzilla’ camp especially since director Edwards has just recently put on a special show-and-tell at one of the Warner Bros stages in order to showcase his intentions for the project to the studio and has even managed to finally secure a start date – this March!

‘Godzilla’ is set for a release on 16 May, 2014.

‘Godzilla’ Gets Moving
'Godzilla' Gets Moving

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