Wednesday, September 30

Psychic Symbols And Puzzling Text On New ‘Red Lights’ One-Sheet

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Following on from the claustrophobic thrills of ‘Buried’ director Rodrigo Cortés turns his attentions to new psychic thriller ‘Red Lights’. Cillian Murphy (’28 Days Later’, ‘Sunshine’), Robert DeNiro (‘Limitless’) and Sigourney Weaver all star in this new thriller from the Spanish helmer and the folks over at Aullidos have revealed an interesting new one-sheet from the production currently shooting. It’s a basic two colour poster which simply features 5 psychic test symbols with the text ‘Is Anybody There?’ scribbled into the centre of the bottom symbol. So it’s quite intriguing – The anybody there text screams Ouiji board to me, how about you? Joely Richardson (‘Event Horizon’, ‘Nip/Tuck’), Toby Jones (‘The Mist’) and Elizabeth Olsen all co-star. Check out the poster below.

“‘Red Lights’ centers on a psychologist, and her assistant, whose study of paranormal activity leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic.”

New ‘Red Lights’ One-Sheet
New 'Red Lights' One-Sheet

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