Tuesday, January 19

Pupils Suck at School at the ‘Vampire Academy’

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The Mark Waters directed ‘Vampire Academy’ is still a few months away yet but it did pop up at this past weekends New York Comic Con. Stars Lucy Fry (‘Lightning Point’), Zoey Deutch (‘Beautiful Creatures’), Sami Gayle and Dominic Sherwood along with director Waters and writer Daniel Waters all took to the stage to discuss the upcoming feature, answer a few Q&A’s as well as premiere a brand new trailer. Author Richelle Mead, who created the novels the movie is based on, also appeared in a pre-recorded message. ‘Vampire Academy’ also stars Sarah Hyland (‘Modern Family’), Danila Kozlovsky, Joely Richardson (‘Event Horizon’), Gabriel Byrne (‘Ghost Ship’) and Olga Kurylenk. Now those with a dirty mind may misinterpret the new teaser art as well which you can check out below.

“When we first started the series seven years ago” said Mead. “..it was just kind of a side project for me and I’m so thrilled to see the life it’s taken on around the world. The people you’re about to meet have been instrumental in bringing ‘Vampire Academy’ to the next stage, the big screen. They have been working very hard to bring the characters and the story to life and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what they’re doing.”

‘Vampire Academy’ opens on 14 February 2014.

'Vampire Academy' - They Suck at School

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