Tuesday, January 19

Raimi Slowly Scribing ‘Evil Dead IV’ Script

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Yet more ‘Evil Dead IV’ news. Althought don’t slope to the edge of your seat just yet. It seems Sam Raimi has been chatting to the The Adelaide Advertiser and he’s only up to page 9 of the screenplay. Well, we weren’t expecting more just yet were we? He has penned the initial 9 page treatment alongside his brother Ivan Raimi.

“Yeah I really want to do it. Every time I talk about it people say will that guy shut up already! Either do it or don’t. I’ve got nothing new to say but I really would love to make it. I’d love to work with Bruce Campbell again. He’s so funny, he’s great to work with that guy. He’s a great comedian. Like a cartoon character that’s been brought into our dimension. It’s weird. But he’s a very nice guy and that’s what I really love about Bruce.”

So it seems this might be the only snippet of news for a little while, especially as Raimi is likely now switching his focus duly on ‘Spider-Man 4’ which is rumoured to begin it’s shoot sometime next year.

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