Sunday, October 25

Rebecca Hall Stretches Her Sci-Fi Muscles with Johnny Depp in ‘Transcendence’

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The beautiful and talented British actress Rebecca Hall (‘The Awakening’) is heading for cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directorial debut ‘Transcendence’. The new sci-fi thriller which stars Johnny Depp (‘Dark Shadows’) and Paul Bettany (‘Priest’) is currently in pre-production but scheduled to begin shooting this April in Los Angeles. This marks Pfister’s first time as director and with his superlative experience from working on other giant sci-fi related movies in recent years such as ‘Inception’ and the new Batman trilogy we’re expecting great things. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ helmer Christopher Nolan will serve as executive producer. Hall (below), who will next be seen as Maya Hansen in ‘Iron Man 3’, is that rare breed of effortless and dignified sexiness much like fellow Brit Emily Blunt.

“A story centered on a scientist whose brain is uploaded into his creation — a supercomputer with the potential to think for itself — after he is assassinated by anti-technology terrorists.”

Rebecca Hall Heads to ‘Transcendence’
Rebecca Hall Heads to 'Transcendence'

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