Tuesday, January 19

Ridley Scott Talks More of ‘Alien’ Prequels

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It’s been a while but legendary director Ridley Scott is once again talking about what we want to hear. The new ‘Alien’ prequels. AICN caught up with Mr Scott at the Hero Complex Film Festival in LA. Here’s what he had to say.

“I sat thinking about the franchise, which now has died on the road somewhere way back and lying in the dust, and thought what I should do is go back… in the first Alien, when John Hurt climbed up and over the top of the rise… there was a massive giant lying in a chair. The chair was either a form of engine or some piece of technology and I always thought no one has ever asked who was the space jockey?”

“I think beneath that carcass… it’s not a carcass, it’s a suit. Inside the suit is a being.”

I’m sure more concise plot details will be revealed in the near future. Scott will be helming the two prequels back to back and there is talk that they may arrive in 3D, much like everything else.

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