Saturday, January 23

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Prequel Manages to Pretty Much F#ck Everyone Off

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I’m washing my hands of the whole ‘Untitled Alien Prequel #1’ debacle for now. It seems no sooner has an announcement been made, or a rumour confirmed, hours later it becomes branded as ‘nonsense’ and ‘innacurate’. I think now the less known about Ridley Scott’s new ‘Alien’ feature the better. Following yesterday’s reports of new potential cast members in the form of Noomi Rapace (‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’), Michelle Yeoh (‘Tomorrow Never Dies’), Michael Fassbender and a new title all this seems to have been quashed for the time being by Fox themselves.

Says Chris Petrikin, the senior vice president of corporate communications at Twentieth Century Fox, “I dont know where to begin to correct what is being written about a certain Ridley Scott project” continuing, “it’s not called Paradise” and “it’s not two films”.

So there you have it. So how about some solid info then Chris? No? Fine!

Part of me thinks its Fox themselves trying to see how much publicity they can get by dropping rumours and whispers into the mix.

Oh and I’m equally sick of other self righteous reporters out there shaking their heads at everyone else wondering why these reports were being covered in the first place. Sitting with a seedy grin across their face only to realise that later in the week even with their ‘so-called contacts’ STILL manage to report innacurate information about the film. So in your face you bunch of smug twats!

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