Thursday, October 1

RIP George ‘Buck’ Flower

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Over at the Mobius Home Video Forums, it was reported that character actor George ￿Buck￿ Flower died in his sleep the night of June 18 at age 66. Flower was a familiar face in the films of John Carpenter, appearing in THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, STARMAN, THEY LIVE, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and the Showtime anthology movie BODY BAGS (pictured); he also acted in Stan Winston￿s PUMPKINHEAD, William Lustig￿s MANIAC COP, Robert Kurtzman￿s WISHMASTER, Tobe Hooper￿s SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION, Anthony Hickox￿s SUNDOWN and WAXWORK II, CHEERLEADER CAMP (out August 3 on DVD from Anchor Bay), Bill Rebane￿s THE ALPHA INCIDENT and THE CAPTURE OF BIGFOOT, the first two ILSA movies, SKEETER, 976-EVIL 2 and many others. His last appearance was in Jay Andrews/Jim Wynorski￿s CURSE OF THE KOMODO. Flower also wrote or co-wrote numerous B-features, including 1976￿s DRIVE-IN MASSACRE, worked as a producer on 1987￿s THE NIGHT STALKER (in which he also acted) and several more and served in various other creative/production capacities on a number of films.

Courtesy of Fangoria

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