Tuesday, January 26

Roleyplaying ‘Hack/Slash’ Game on the Cards

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Tim Seeley’s ever popular comic book series ‘Hack/Slash’ is about to be turned into a special roleplaying card game. The comic to card adaption, which is also being given the movie treatment currently, will feature a prototype on display at the Gen Con Fair this week.

The comic follow young Cassie Hack (below) whom travels to small towns across the country to take down famous and fictional serial killers and slashers. At her side is her companion and protector, Vlad.

As mentioned a  movie version of the ‘Hack/Slash’ comic book series is currently in development. Writer/director Todd Lincoln is currently set to helm and co-write the adaption.

Comic book star Cassie Hack to appear in new ‘Hack/Slash’ roleplaying card game
Comic book star Cassie Hack to appear in new Hack/Slash roleplaying card game

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