Monday, January 25

Romero’s New ‘Dead’ Movie Isn’t Diary Sequel

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Remember a little while back the reports of Romero’s ‘Diary of the Dead 2’ being in production. Well it turns out someone somewhere got there wires crossed because it turns out that the production isn’t in fact a sequel to ‘Diary of the Dead’.

This is the last synopsis that Arrow in the Head received for the movie. So there’s no guarantee if it’s fact or fiction!: “Our heroes, trapped in the mansion where we left them, battle waves of ravenous zombies, barely escaping alive. In search of a safe place to settle, they commandeer an abandoned ferry and sail to a deserted island, only to find that it is already populated by a civilization of the dead. Told in the same first-person style that distinguished George A. Romero’s ‘Diary of the Dead’, the next episode of the saga is a violent siege set in the middle of nowhere, a desperate struggle for survival, and peace, between two tribes: the living and the living dead.”

It begs the question whether the original announcement was released on purpose as a red herring or not. Either way let’s hope this one’s better than the original ‘Diary’.

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