Saturday, January 23

Ron Perlman and Billy Zane Join ‘Scorpion King: Rise of the Dead’ Sequel

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It’s been 8 long years since Dwayne Johnson traipsed through the desert as ‘The Scorpion King’, Chuck Russell’s spin-off from ‘The Mummy Returns’. It did spawn a prequel a couple of years ago in the form of the dreadful direct to DVD release ‘The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior’. And now it appears that actors Ron Perlman (‘Hellboy’) and Billy Zane (‘Titanic’, ‘BloodRayne’) have joined the cast of ‘Scorpion King: Rise of the Dead’. So just to clarify…This will be a sequel to ‘The Scorpion King’, and so effectively this is a sequel to a prequel of a sequel of a remake. The Roel Reine directed project will hit DVDs shelves in 2011.

Victor Webster takes over from Dwayne in the title role as Mathayus. ‘Scorpion King: Rise of the Dead’ will see Mathayus taking on impenetrable bad dudes in the wilds of the Northern Tribes in 3000 BC.”

The follow-up is currently filming in Thailand.

Hu’s That Girl? ‘The Scorpion King’ Hottie Kelly Hu
Hu's That Girl? 'The Scorpion King' Hottie Kelly Hu

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