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Sam Raimi: ‘The Possession’ of a Top Horror Producer

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With a large, loyal following, Sam Raimi has garnered commercial acclaim for many films including Spider-Man (and the two sequels that followed). But it is not for nothing that his fans continually flock to watch films he has produced also, many of which include horror films. So to celebrate the release of Raimi’s recent production venture, The Possession, (out now on DVD), we have chosen 5 of our favourite films produced by the wonderful Sam Raimi.

It would be wrong to not kick off our list without mentioning this cracking horror flick. Lauded as one of the greatest horror films to have ever been made, Raimi also serves as director of this intensely dark film. Telling the story of a group of college students who decide to spend their Spring Break at an isolated cabin, the film sees them unleash inadvertently unleash evil demons who promptly terrorise and possess them.

Raimi is also producer of the upcoming remake of this film (released later this year!). We get the feeling he wants us to stay away from these scary cabins so why not make a trip to cinemas to check this out instead?!

Trouble in the Cellar: ‘The Evil Dead’
Trouble in the Cellar: 'The Evil Dead'

After directing three spectacular Spider-Man films, Raimi returned to the horror genre, delivering the thrilling Drag Me To Hell in 2009. (Both Spider-Man stars, Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire, reportedly refused to return for the next Spider-Man instalment without Raimi. High praise indeed!).

Dealing with the subject of cursed objects, the film follows bank loan officer, Christine Brown whom in an attempt to gain a promotion against her arch-rival, refuses and then humiliates an elderly woman in desperate need of an extension on her mortgage. The seemingly harmless woman then proceeds to place a curse upon a button belonging to Christine in retaliation. (Meow!)
A terrified Christine and boyfriend, Clay (played by Jeepers Creepers star, Justin Long) are then subjected to a harrowing ordeal when Christine is repeatedly attacked, desperately trying to stay out of being dragged to hell. A cracker of a twist at the end will leave you wanting more, we promise!

Returning as producer in one of the most famous horror films of the twenty-first century is, The Grudge. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as exchange student and part-time caregiver, Karen Davis, the film is a remake of the Japanese film Ju-on: The Grudge.

After the murder-suicide of the Saeki family at their suburban home in Tokyo, Japan, the Williams family in from America. Things quickly turn dark when it becomes apparent that the Williams are not the only family living in the house. With a spectacularly terrifying performance by actress Takako Fuji who plays the vengeful spirit hell bent on murdering anyone who enters the house, including Karen, we would understand if you refused to go up any stairs after watching this film. We promise, you will never forget that scene!

'The Grudge'

30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007)
In this, the third film in which Raimi has found success with Ghost House Pictures, he once again serves as producer. Josh Hartnett stars as Sheriff Eben Oleson, the Sheriff of Barrow, Alaska. The town, whilst in preparation for the annual 30 days of night, in which the entire town succumbs to a month-long polar night, encounter a stranger who has sailed onto their shores.

It is the only warning they are given before a group of feral vampires begin attacking the townsfolk, cutting off any and all communication with the outside world. Expect a lot of beheadings in this film that would make Henry VIII jealous in which vampires and humans engage in a standoff of which there can only be one winner. (Lovers of Twilight might want to skip this one!)

'30 Days of Night'

And finally, in one of Raimi’s earlier ventures into producing comes The Dead Next Door, which follows an elite team known as ‘The Zombie Squad’. Charged by the government to deal with a zombie epidemic, the squad must contact the zombies before their numbers become uncontrollable whilst scientists try to find a cure for what we like to call zombie-itis!
Raimi produced the film under the pseudonym, ‘The Master Cylinder’ (yeah, we’re not sure why either!) for a film noted for its highly graphic effects and the name of the main protagonist being, what else: Raimi!

So, grab a copy of The Possession on DVD for your next fix of Sam Raimi that will surely keep you suitably frightened until his next venture! We won’t judge if you have to sleep with a night light after watching!
The Possession is out on DVD and Blu-ray here in thu UK from 21st January.

'The Possession' DVD Artwork

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