Wednesday, September 30

Samuel L. Jackson Joins Stephen King Adaptation ‘Cell’

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As the adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ prepares its production countdown which kicks off in January a new cast member has signed on for a role. Samuel L. Jackson -below (‘Avengers Assemble’) has joined the Tod Williams (‘Paranormal Activity 2’) helmed horror project which already sees John Cusack (‘The Frozen Ground’) on board. Jackson is set to play Tom McCourt, an engineer and former soldier who escapes from Boston along with Cusack’s character when a mysterious signal transmits across global mobile networks which sees cell phone users’ minds instantly re-programmed. Both Jackson and Cusack previously appeared together in ‘1408’, another Stephen King penned horror feature.

“When a powerful signal is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, cell phone users’ minds are instantly and dangerously re-programmed. Heading north through New England in search of his wife and son, Clay Riddell (Cusack) is joined by a group of survivors hoping to fend off the bloodthirsty and hyper-connected “phoners.””

Samuel L. Jackson

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