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‘Sasquatch’ Sighted in the Lake District?

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At a time when funding options for filmmakers are extremely limited it is always refreshing to meet a group of like minded individuals who assemble behind the common cause of making a feature film. Essentially, the team behind ‘Sasquatch’ appear to have talent to match their enthusiasm and their single mindedness is so infectious as to leave anyone who meets them with no doubt that their project upon completing will be as successful as it will be impressive. Much that surrounds ‘Sasquatch’ is steeped in secrecy but what information we have managed to glean indicates that this could be a comedy horror film like no other. Set in the poetically beautiful surroundings of The Lake District, Robert Luke, who co-wrote and directs ‘Sasquatch’, has found originality amidst the ancient hills.

Telling the story of a chance meeting between two young men (Dominic Crisp and Bernie Paget) with issues to exorcise and motives to reveal, this film focuses on an elaborate and well intentioned prank and the inevitable consequences of it. The key element to this film though is the solidarity behind it.

With a team that includes make up design from the talented Edie Flowers and Aaron Rogers as Director Of Photography, and entirely funded by themselves at the time of writing, ‘Sasquatch’ is a film with big ambitions. With experience coming from producer Maxwell Boulton and sound designer Suso Flores this is a film with all the cinematic ingredients required to be successful.

For more information on Sasquatch follow @SasquatchMovie

The Cast of 'Sasquatch'

Robert Luke Directs 'Sasquatch'

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