Sunday, January 24

‘Saw’ Director James Wan Takes on ‘Nightfall’

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Director James Wan (‘Saw’, ‘Dead Silence’, ‘Death Sentence’) is planning on bringing ‘Nightfall’ to the cinemas with his adaption of the popular Scott O. Brown graphic novel. ‘Nightfall’, published by Image Comics and illustrated by artist Ferran Xalabarder, in a nutshell involves vampires in prsion!

“‘Nightfall’ tells of an industrious, right-wing survivalist David Paxton who is sent to a tough Texas prison and has no idea that it’s secretly run by vampires using the inmates to feed on. Now, Paxton’s one hope of escape is a desperate prison riot and an uneasy alliance with a ruthless killer named Robbart.”

Check back for more info as soon as we have it!

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