Friday, January 22

‘Saw’ Named Most Successful Horror Franchise!

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Just in case you missed it (and couldn’t have already guessed) the ‘Saw’ franchise is now OFFICIALLY the most successful horror movie series ever…according to the Guinness World Records. The six ‘Saw’ filmes (to date) have netted a total of $733m (£472m) at the box office, and not to mention the more than 30 million DVDs thereafter. You can check out just who it beat below…

‘Saw’ producer Mark Burg told Reuters that he was “in shock” when he heard the news. But then when you’ve taken over other horror franchises such as ‘Halloween’ or ‘Friday the 13th’ you’ve done extremely well.

This October sees the release of ‘Saw VII’, the final installment (?) of the franchise which has also seen two video game adaptions and even two extremely popular UK-based experiences – an interative horror-maze and roller-coaster – at our very own Thorpe Park.

Burg was keen on pointing out that this was indeed the final chapter. “We are done; this is it. We don’t want to be that boxer who fought one too many fights,” Burg said. “In every Saw movie, we left questions open and in this movie we answer every question the audience has ever had.”

The Guinness prize will be handed over to the producers at Comic-Con.

And want to know just who it beat to get this prestigious title?

Halloween (10 films, 1978-2009) – $367m
A Nightmare On Elm Street (nine films, 1984-2009) – $447m
Friday the 13th (12 films, 1980-2009) – $465m
Scream (three films, 1996-2000) – $507m
Saw (six films, 2004-2009) – $733m

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