Monday, January 25

‘Saw V’ Director David Hackl Signs Up To ‘Strain’ Project

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David Hackl, whom worked as production designer on ‘Saw II’, ‘Saw III’ and Saw IV’, then took to helming ‘Saw V’, has signed up to direct new virus horror ‘Strain’. The script was written by Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan and you can check out the new plot synopsis revealed by Bloody Disgusting below.

“Reunited at a destination wedding at a lush tropical resort, a group of friends take a day trip to a secluded island where they come across a monstrous new “strain” of a real-life predatory, deadly virus. As the “strain” overtakes them, they must face the awful dilemma of having to kill each friend who has become “infected”, to prevent unleashing the virus onto the mainland, and causing global epidemic of violent, horrific deaths.”

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