Thursday, October 1

Sawa Under Hunter’s Moon

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Devon Sawa, star of IDLE HANDS and FINAL DESTINATION, has been signed to play the lead in HUNTER’S MOON, a new sci-fi/horror film rolling next month for writer/producer/director Mark Stouffer. Making this casting rather unusual is the fact that this is probably the first time an actor has worked for a director he previously portrayed onscreen—Sawa played the young Stouffer in WILD AMERICA, which told the true story of Mark and his filmmaking brothers. In MOON, four young couples go for an off-road driving jaunt at some remote dunes and wind up being tracked by the Catcher, an alien creature seeking human specimens for its scientific research. More casting will be announced shortly.

This is the first of five genre features, all budgeted at under $5 million, that Stouffer plans to make over the next three years. Next up will be MURDER HOUSE, co-scripted by Dennis Johnson, in which a writer working on a true-murder story is plagued by the ghosts of the real-life victims—and their killer. Also on Stouffer’s slate are BONE EATER, HELL’S WELL and ESCARGOT, the latter of which is about—you guessed it—giant man-eating snails. HUNTER’S MOON is executive-produced by Mark Litwak and Jay Sedrish and co-produced by Wendy Winks through her A Wink and a Nod Productions.

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