Tuesday, January 19

‘See A Ghost’ By Checking Out New Trailer For Thailand Horror Comedy

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Wanna ‘See a Ghost’? Then you best be in or around Thailand on 30 December because that’s when Nareubadee Wetchakam’s new horror comedy ‘See a Ghost’ will be hitting local theatres. A new trailer for the flick has arrived online and the mvie certainly looks like a lot of fun. ‘See a Ghost’ certainly seems to be spinning a variety batch of genres together making it almost seem like an anthology. Check out the trailer below (not English subtitled) and draw your own conclusions.

“Two unfortunate friends and a drunken girl are accidentally entangled in troubles. After struggling to escape from the mayhem they didn’t mean to get involved in, they’re stuck at a temple where they meet a peculiar undertaker who leads them to witness ghosts, the worst thing they’ve ever dreamed of.”

‘See A Ghost’ Poster
'See A Ghost' Poster

‘See A Ghost’ opens in Thai theatres on 30 December.

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