Wednesday, January 27

Sequel Rights Secured For ‘Maniac Cop 4’

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A direct-to-disc follow up may be on the cards for 80’s horror series ‘Maniac Cop’. Director William Lustig has told Fangoria that he’s got back the rights to the character and plans to re-introduce him again soon.

“Larry [Cohen] and I have gotten the sequel rights back for [it], and we’re preparing to do a ‘Maniac Cop 4′”, he tells the website. “I don’t have any more details other than that; this all happened within the last month, so it’s so fresh. When I get back to Los Angeles, [writer]Larry [Cohen] and I are going to sit down and work on something.”

The original 1988 ‘Maniac Cop’ starred Bruce Campbell and Robert Z’Dar and was about….

“In New York a series of people is slayed and strangled to death brutally on open street. All witnesses agree that the murderer was in a cop’s uniform. Soon the police searches and finds a suspect in it’s own rows: Jack Forrest, turned in by his own wife. To prove his innocence, he has to investigate on his own.”

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