Tuesday, January 26

Sex & Blood in New ‘Beyond the Rave’ Montage

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One of the most cherished franchises in British film history, Hammer Films makes a triumphant return with ‘Beyond the Rave’, a cutting edge, horror-thriller vampire series with lashings of gore set in England’s dark and sexy underground rave scene. And we have a great video montage featuring clips of the dark and sexy rave from the movie which features a hard-hitting rave soundtrack too! ‘Beyond the Rave’ stars Nora-Jane Noone, Jamie Dornan, Tamer Hassan, Sebastian Knapp, Les Simpson and Lois Winstone (below). Check out the montage clip below!

The Matthias Hoene helmed vampire flick is out now on DVD and follows the final hours of freedom of English soldier Ed, who is flying out to Iraq the following morning. With the help of his best friend Necro, he spends his last night in the UK tracking down his missing girlfriend Jen, last seen partying with a bizarre group of hardcore night-time ravers led by the mysterious Melech. But as Ed catches up with Jen at a party in a remote forest, he discovers that Melech’s crowd, who are hosting the event, are looking for more than a night of fun, and that not everyone will make it through to dawn…

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Lois Winstone in her Anne Summers Gear
Lois Winstone in her Anne Summers Gear

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