Tuesday, January 19

Sexy Babes Get Steamy in ‘Chaos Experiment’

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Yummy ladies Cordelia Reynolds, Megan Brown, and Eve Mauro manage to get hot and steamy (praise the lord!) in director Philippe Martinez’ ‘The Chaos Experiment’. Yes there is steam, hotness and blood when the three hotties get locked in a steam room with 3 other guys and it becomes a fight for survivial.

“A former university professor overheats his hostages to prove that humans will devolve into chaos under the pressures of global warming by 2012. He tells a detective that their location will be revealed if his hypothesis is printed as the local paper’s front-page headline. The six potential victims are a former pro football player, a former actress, a nurse, a waitress, a restaurateur, and a writer. As temperatures rise, the desperate detainees fight for survival.”

The professor, who’s twisted ‘experiment’ this is, is played by Val Kilmer. ‘The Chaos Experiment’ (also known as ‘The Steam Experiment’) was penned by Robert Malkani and will hit DVD later this year.

Chaos Experiment Hot Girls

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