Wednesday, January 27

Sexy Slovakian Barbara Nedeljakova Prepares For ‘The Hike’

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Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ hottie Barbara Nedeljakova (below) is trying her hand at more horror. Currently shooting opposite Billy Drago in upcoming sequel ‘Children of the Corn: The Dweller’ the sexy Slovakian actress will be seen by UK audiences a little later this month when her latest survival flick ‘The Hike’ is set to hit theatres. ‘The Hike’ is producer/director Rupert Bryan’s first feature release and hopefully with the promise of a group of hot and tormented girls (below also) running amok in the countryside should give it the attention it deserves. Tamer Hassan, Barbara Nedeljakova, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Zara Phythian, Daniel Caren, Dominic Le Moignan, Jemma Bolt, Lisa-Marie Long, Joanne Nuttall, Stephanie Siadatan, Adam Ray Young and Natalie Hughes all co-star.

Bryan had this to say about the movie:

“The Hike’ is a very emotional story, with really strong characters. In one way, it’s a thriller that is very much about the chase and the kill, but on another level it is a story of realism. The film is set in a situation we could all find ourselves in, with people we all might know.”

The Ladies of ‘The Hike’
The Ladies of 'The Hike'

Sexy Slovakian Barbara Nedeljakova Prepares For ‘The Hike’
Sexy Slovakian Barbara Nedeljakova Prepares For 'The Hike'

‘The Hike’ arrives in UK theatres on 30 November.

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