Monday, January 25

Shandi Finnessey Rocks Her Bikini in New ‘Sharktopus’ DVD and Blu-Ray Trailer

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I’m finding it very difficult to embrace Syfy’s new range of low-budget TV horror movies, particularly the ridiculous water-based flicks such as ‘Mega Piranha’ or ‘Dinoshark’. Well producer Roger Corman will see his latest mini-budget horror sci-fi movie ‘Sharktopus’ (yes the story of a Shark and Octopus hybrid killing machine) hit DVD and Blu-ray this March and a new trailer to help early promotions has been revealed. Eric Roberts (‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Expendables’), Héctor Jiménez, Ralph Garman, Sara Malakul Lane, Brent Huff, Roxana Ortega and Kerem Bursin all star along with American beauty queen Shandi Finnessey (below). You can view the new blood and beach babe filled trailer (which exposes most of the likely major set peieces actually featured in the movie) below in which you can also drool over Finnessey dancing and screaming in her sweet-ass bikini.

“It is known as S-11, a diabolical hybrid of shark and octopus created by genetic scientist Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) as the U.S. Navy’s next super-weapon. But when its control implants are damaged during a training experiment, the beast escapes to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a taste of sun, sand, bikini babes, jet-skiers, spring breakers and beyond. Now a hotshot mercenary, an investigative reporter, and Sand’s biomechanical engineer daughter must stop a creature like none ever witnessed before: It has superior intelligence. It attacks without warning. And it likes to snack on bungee jumpers.”

‘Sharktopus’ hits DVD and Blu-ray on 15 March 2011.

Shandi Finnessey Rocks Her Hot Body in Her Red Bikini
Shandi Finnessey Rocks Her Hot Body in Her Red Bikini

American Beauty Queen Shandi Finnessey in Bikini
American Beauty Queen Shandi Finnessey in Bikini<>

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