Sunday, January 24

Shaye on ‘2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillies’

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Lin Shaye has been speaking with Fango lately about Tim Sullivan’s follow up to ‘2001 Maniacs’. The sequel, ‘2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys’, is currently in development and Lin has filled us in on the details.

“The sequel is in progress, but no one knows exactly when and where it’s going to finally happen. The script is done, but we’re trying to coordinate Robert [Englund]’s schedule and the financiers, making sure we have enough money. But it will happen! Granny Boone lives! And she is still ‘cooking’ in the new movie—that’s all I can say!”

Tim Sullivan will be acting once again as writer and director on the horror follow-up.

Plot Details: After the sheriff refuses to cover up any further for the maniacs causing all the missing persons in the area, they’re forced to hit the road in what’s dubbed the “Pleasant Valley Traveling Road Show,” where the maniacs head across country in hopes of gathering more victims. We’ll follow a young TV crew called the “Road Rascals” as they find themselves mixed up with another one of the maniacs’ deadly festivals.

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