Sunday, January 17

Shellter Festival News and Reviews!

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SHELLTER was nominated for Best Feature at the Eerie Horror Fest, Dark Carnival and won Best Feature at the Fargo Fantastic Film Festival. Plus, Will Tulin won Best Actor and SHELLTER was nominated for Best Cinematography at Dark Carnival.

At Fright Night Film Fest SHELLTER was nominated in two categories and won an Honorable Mention.

SHELLTER was also an Official Selection of both Shockerfest and Shriekfest.  Shriekfest doesn’t give out nominations but did give SHELLTER the prime 7:30pm, Saturday night screening time.

Festival Director Denise Gossett said, “SHELLTER made me so uncomfortable. This film is not for those easily made squeamish.”

Here’s an early review…
A writer from a local magazine that was covering Shriekfest wrote this to say about SHELLTER:

“Shellter was the festival’s one entry in the extreme horror genre. It is also one of the most terrifying films I have ever seen.

The film, inspired by the Milgram experiments, is about a woman trapped in a bomb shelter after a biological attack with a sadistic doctor who tortures and eventually brainwashes her.

Writer-Director Dan Donley holds an MA in psychology, and he used his expertise to great effect in crafting the film.

The doctor uses status, fear, and his patients’ survival instincts in order to manipulate them into becoming killers.

The extreme horror elements go much further than anything that has been done in the Saw or Hostel movies. It is also much more intelligent than anything in either of these film franchises.

Shellter had me squirming uncomfortably in my seat, and I loved every
second of it.” -By Jonathan Weichsel, Valley Scene Magazine

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