Tuesday, January 26

Sneak Peek at ‘Cold Prey 3’ Prequel Poster

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It might be small, but hey don’t good things come in small packages? Well, that’s all down to personal preference but for those easily impressed the new teaser poster for Norwegian slasher prequel ‘Cold Prey 3’ (‘Fritt Vilt 3’) has arrived. And it’s teeny weenie. You can check it out below along with the teaser trailer and hopefully it won’t be too long before a higher res image arrives.

Mikkel Brænne Sandemose is helming the prequel from a script by Peder Fuglerud and Lars Gudmestad. Here in the UK of course both ‘Cold Prey’ and ‘Cold Prey 2’ have been available here on DVD for some time now but unfortunately our stateside-based audience has still yet to be offered the first sequel.

Now put your reading specs on to glimpse at this itsy bitsy poster below…

Cold Prey 3

‘Cold Prey 3’ will open across Norway on 15 October.

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