Friday, January 22

Sneak Peek Image From ‘WebKam’ UK Horror

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Filming was completed in Birmingham, UK on the 8th of August of forth coming British horror film ‘WebKam’. Written and directed by Ibraheem James Layton ‘WebKam’ has moved into post production is planned to be finished shortly before new years. You can check out a host of new images below. It will be bloody, messy, sexy and gory and not at all for the faint of heart.

‘WebKam’ stars Eleanor James, Joanne Gale and Kim Sønderholm.

Victoria (Eleanor James) is a bit sad due due to a break-up with her boyfriend, Matt (Kim Sønderholm). Her best friend Lilly (Joanne Gale) tries to cheer her up, but fails. One day a strange character wearing a clown mask appears on her computer screen. He calls himself Kam and he wants to play a game – it is the beginning of grueling nightmare for Victoria.


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