Sunday, January 17

Some Head Popping Action in Gruesome New Clip From ‘Cold Sweat’

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Adrián García Bogliano’s ‘Cold Sweat’ (AKA ‘Sudor frío’) has just hit DVD stateside and if you haven’t already rushed down the shops to grab your copy then why not feast your eyes on a new teasing clip from the movie to help entice you. The DVD comes complete with a director’s commentary, deleted and extended scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, poster gallery, trailers, teasers and TV spots plus more. Facundo Espinosa, Marina Glezer, Omar Musa, Noelia Vergini and ex-Playboy model and singer Camila Velasco (below) all stars. Velasco herself stars as the unfortunate girlfriend who “must very carefully strip off all of her nitro-soaked clothes”. Now if that isn’t worth your hard earned cash then I don’t know what is!? Check out the new, and NSFW, clip below.

“When Roman’s girlfriend Jackie disappears, he expects to find her in the arms of another man. And, with the help of a friend, find her he does – but there is no lover on the scene, only a pair of demented old men keeping her locked away in the basement of their crumbling mansion. Armed with wild-eyed, reactionary political ideals and case after case of decades-old and highly unstable explosives, the villainous duo are conducting illicit experiments on a string of young women lured to their home via the Internet. With Jackie doused in nitroglycerine, her every step toward escape is fraught with the possibility of sudden death. If Roman cannot free his young love, she is likely to end up in pieces.”

New ‘Cold Sweat’ Artwork
New 'Cold Sweat' One-Sheet

Camila Velasco Loves a 69
Camila Velasco Loves a 69

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