Tuesday, January 19

Spanish Zombie Apocalypse Bestseller Adaption Becomes ‘Welcome to Harmony’

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Bestselling Spanish novel ‘Y Pese A Todo’ is to be turned into a full length zombie apocalypse feature thanks to Vaca Films and writer/director Miguel Ángel Vivas. The maker of ‘Kidnapped (‘Secuestrados’) will take helm and co-write the script currently titled ‘Welcome to Harmony’, based on an adaption of Juan De Dios Garduños’ undead / end of the world tale ‘Y Pese A Todo’ – loosely translated as “And despite all…”. Alberto Marini is on board to co-pen the script alongside Vivas.

“‘Welcome to Harmony’ will take place during World War III, with the US, Great Britain and Israel teaming up against against Iran, China and Russia. It will focus on chemical weapons that wipe out everyone in each country, except a father and daughter and their hated neighbor living in Bangor, Maine who have to confront unwanted visitors.”

Borja Pena, from Vaca Films, describes the new flick as “an apocalyptic horror film in the mold of I AM LEGEND and 28 DAYS LATER. We are currently working on the script and so don’t have a shooting date or cast confirmed yet.”

‘Y Pese A Todo’ Becomes ‘Welcome to Harmony’
'Y Pese A Todo' Becomes 'Welcome to Harmony'

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