Saturday, January 16

Spotnitz Blogs on Possible ‘X-Files’ Sequel

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IESB have commented on the fact that FOX chairman Tom Rothman is certainly up for another ‘X-Files’ movie as long as the cast and crew are on board also. Well it turns out ‘X-Files : I Want to Believe’ producer and co-writer Frank Spotnitz has responded to Rothman’s claims that the ball is in their court.

“I was encouraged to read Tom Rothman’s remarks as well”, Spotnitz says in his blog. “I anticipated the studio would wait until after the release of the DVD to make any decision regarding a third movie, but I will let you know if we end up having any news before then.”

So it seems the more success the upcoming DVD can muster the more likely we’ll see another ‘X-Files’ movie.

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