Tuesday, January 19

Teri Polo Goes ‘Beyond’ For Director Josef Rusnak in New Kidnap Thriller

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Dermot Mulroney and 2005’s topless Playboy cover model Teri Polo – below (‘The Hole’, ‘The Beacon’, ‘Meet the Parents’, ‘Little Fockers’) are set to star in the new thriller ‘Beyond’ directed by ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ and ‘It’s Alive’ helmer Josef Rusnak. ‘Beyond’, currently shooting in Alaska, also stars Jon Voight and Julian Morris. Steven Paul (‘Ghost Rider’, ‘Doomsday’) is on board for producing duties of this new $10 million kidnap thriller.

“‘Beyond’ follows a veteran detective and a television psychic as they attempt to find a missing child.”

Teri Polo Gets Butt Naked
Teri Polo Gets Butt Naked

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