Wednesday, September 30

The Arachnid Army Attacks this March as ‘Spiders 3D’ Hits Blu-ray and DVD

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In case it had slipped your mind ‘Spiders 3D’ hit a select number of theatres the end of last week. What’s that? You missed out? Well don’t fret you little bugger as Millennium Entertainment are set to bring all the oversized arachnids right into your home this March. The three dimensional b-movie throwback will arrive simultaneously in all its glory across DVD, 2D/3D Blu-ray and VOD on 12th March so in just under a month you’ll be able to scuttle to your local store and grab yourself a copy in the format that best suits you. The jolly fun romp stars Patrick Muldoon, William Hope, Pete Lee Wilson, Jon Mack, Sydney Sweeney and former soft porn star Christa Campbell -below (‘Drive Angry’).

“SPIDERS 3D centers on mutant spiders that fall to earth from a disabled Soviet space station. With New York City threatened to be overrun, it’s up to transit supervisor Jason Cole and health inspector Rachel Cole to save their daughter and prevent the colossal Queen Spider from uniting with her eggs and creating an army of massive killer spiders.”

‘Spiders 3D’ Blu-ray Art
'Spiders 3D' Blu-ray Art

The Naked Christa Campbell
The Naked Christa Campbell

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