Tuesday, January 26

‘The Children’ Director Tom Shankland Gets Pushed Into ‘Dark Corners’

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‘The Children’ and ‘w Delta z’ (AKA ‘WAZ’) Brit director Tom Shankland has been lining up his new feature project. And it’s to be that of the E.L. Katz (‘Autopsy’) and Tim Day (‘Hellraiser: Hellseeker’) scripted thriller ‘Dark Corners’. The script has been developed by GreeneStreet and A Bigger Boat, from an original idea by ‘Saw’ producer Peter Block and Andy Gould (Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ franchise). ‘Dark Corners’ is set to be released by the good folks over at Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures. Check out the synopsis below along with some words from Block and Shankland.

“Jess, a beautiful blind college girl is tormented by a methodical killer who knows her well, and therefore knows what terrifies her. He is motivated by sadistic revenge, but she turns her apparent weakness into a strength to fight back.”

“Tom Shankland is the perfect choice for ‘Dark Corners’,” says Block. “When you watch ‘The Children’, it’s unsettling and creepy while at the same time you find yourself being drawn in deeper and deeper. Likewise with ‘Dark Corners’; this is a cat-n-mouse thriller in the spirit of ‘Wait Until Dark’ and ‘Panic Room’ that gives you someone to root for, someone to fear and something going bump in the night.”

“Dark Corners will be Hitchcock re-imagined for a modern audience who love to be scared in the dark,” says Shankland. “I’ve always loved films where characters have very limited choices and tools to solve problems and survive, and then mining suspense from these claustrophobic situations.”

Shooting on ‘Dark Corners’ is due to commence at some point this Autumn.

The Sexy Star of ‘The Children’ Hannah Tointon
The Sexy Star of 'The Children' Hannah Tointon

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