Saturday, January 23

The Horror Asylum Sponsorship Scheme Launches

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The Horror Asylum is seeking a new source of funding. Our previous sponsors are moving on and we are investing our own time, energy and a lot of money to help us keep building and bettering our site. We would like to open up this opportunity to the most important factor of our site, our audience! Heck we post a lot of news, reviews, interviews and much more here at the Horror Asylum and it’s about time you guys got involved and told us what you like and what’s not quite working. So you like our new Kelly Brook (‘Piranha 3-D’) pics but hate our latest review of ‘Saw 3D’? You love our Asylum Sirens section but want us to revise our blog section? Then this is your chance to get on board!

We are giving readers and fans the chance to take part in our new sponsorship scheme to help enable our continued efforts, resources and ongoing site maintenance. In return for your minor investment we will give you an exclusive shared ownership share of the Horror Asylum.

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Take a Slice
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We have eliminated many of the other existing advertising opportunities here at the Horror Asylum so we could bring in this great new and encompassing scheme which for once is available to all! And we even have 3 great levels you can involved in so no matter what your budget or situation we’ll be able to get you involved!

View our Levels and Prices here >>

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