Tuesday, January 19

The Hot Genesis Rodriguez Joins Kevin Smith’s New Horror ‘Tusk’

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The ridiculously stunning Genesis Rodriguez (below), star of ‘The Last Stand’ and crime thriller ‘Man on a Ledge’, has just signed up for Kevin Smith’s new horror ‘Tusk’. The Demarest Films and Smodcast Pictures production kicks off next month and sees the already cast Justin Long (‘Drag Me to Hell’) and Michael Parks (‘Red State’) play a captive podcaster and crazed old sailor respectively. Oh and did we mention that Long’s character is forced to wear a walrus suit? No word just yet on whom Rodriguez is set to play but we guess it’s quite likely she’ll end up playing Long’s girlfriend.

“The movie concerns a man who was once lost at sea with a walrus.  When the man returns home, he puts out an ad for a roommate.  The only thing this man asks is that his roommate wear a walrus costume (he’s obviously missed his walrus pal) and act only like the animal.  Somewhere along the way, the film takes a darker turn.”

The Sexy Genesis Rodriguez

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