Friday, January 15

The Takashi Miike Collection

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FILM 2000 Japan Presents The Takashi Miike Collection.

Has Japanese director Takashi Miike made the most violent film ever￿you decide?

FILM 2000 Japan launches the 1st title of the MPD Psycho mini series MPD-Psycho 1, 2 & 3. Directed by the most energetic film maker in Japan Takashi Miiki whose works are the inspiration of Kill Bill 1&2

This controversial director of psycho/ horror/thriller portrays the underbelly of Japanese life in a unique and horrific way. Previous renowned works include Itchi The Killer and Audition where at the premier one man in the audience was carried out on a stretcher and many others collapsed unable to deal with the brutality and violence.

No one in the west makes films like this!

The Guardian: ￿He must be one of the most gifted directors ever to apply himself to the creation of thoroughly tasteless movies, and he regularly goes too far.You might want to have a vomit bag by your side as you watch these movies, Takashi Mike will be delighted as smell is the one factor he cannot control in his films.￿

FILM 2000 Japan will release a further 5 titles with this startling director and another 7 titles of the MAKI Collection.

MPD- Psycho 1

Part 1: A sadistic serial murderer turns his victims into human flower pots.

Part 11: Tattooed eyeballs and murdered babies cut from their mothers womb.

Is our world ready for Takashi Miiki?

Release Date: 30th January 2005

DVD Cat No: FMDV1177 Cert: 18 RRP ￿15.99

Available from all major entertainment stockists

Thanks to Phil

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