Thursday, October 1

They Feed on People!

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Texas-based ReQuest Entertainment serves up people for lunch in its debut feature THEY FEED. Directed by Cory Turner and written/produced by Cory and Angie Turner, Connie Biskamp and Jared Briscoe, it’s about a group of people terrorized in the forest by ever-growing worm monsters; Drew Waters, Jacqueline Bergner, Jamie Amaral, Anthony Brownrigg, Patricia Campbell and Brandon West star.

Go to the projects page of ReQuest’s site to check out a trailer and pre-order the DVD, which will include audition footage and other extras.

ReQuest already has another batch of fright features in development; next to roll will be THE GHOST OF BAYOU COURT, which Turner describes as “FINAL DESTINATION meets THE RING—very bloody, very gory, very scary.” After that will be a currently untitled Bigfoot movie, for which the two-month process of creating the suit is already underway. And ReQuest is serving as associate producer on FREEBORN, a werewolf movie which Brownrigg will direct and whose genesis involved a great deal of fan input; you can read more about that project here.

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