Sunday, January 17

Thorpe Park To Launch ‘SAW Alive’ in 2010

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UK based theme park Thorpe Park have had great success with the launch of ‘SAW – The Ride’, the first horror-movied themed ride on these shores. And good on them, because it’s freaking awesome! I myself have already been there 3 times this year and rode it countless times. Well good news guys because it appears that Thorpe Park are planning on adding to their ‘SAW’ family with the launch announcement of ‘SAW Alive’, a year round live action horror maze, coming next Spring 2010.

“‘SAW Alive’ will test the nerve of all who dare enter it and visitors will be at the mercy of the series’ master manipulator, Jigsaw. Thorpe Park’s year round live action horror maze will be the first of its kind at a theme park that does not only focus around the Halloween period, and will feature six iconic scenes from the six films released to date. The attraction will also incorporate a photo opportunity to capture terrified guests as they’re subjected to the horror of the maze.”

“As the SAW brand continues to grow we are very happy to be extending our relationship with Thorpe Park with SAW Alive.” states Lionsgate UK COO Guy Avshalom. “With the recent release of SAW VI and the success of SAW – The Ride we are delighted that SAW Alive will allow the fans of the franchise to experience fear on a new level. This is an exciting time for SAW fans nationwide.”

‘Saw VI’ is in theatres everywhere now!

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