Tuesday, January 19

Tidbit Details For ‘Hack/Slash’ Adaptation

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A few more details about ‘Hack/Slash’ have been leaked online thanks to a recent interview Fangoria had with Nick Principe, who plays Chrome Skull in the upcoming ‘Laid to Rest’.

“As of right now, I’m playing the lead slasher out of four or five, with the possibility of playing another… It’s the biggest-budget slasher flick I’ve ever heard of, so a lot of the details as far as who will play Cassie Hack and Vlad are super-hush-hush – but it’s between three very high-profile actors.”

Ok, not much info there but enough to tease fans of the original comic. You can read the rest of the interview right here.

‘Hack/Slash’ the comic adaptation follows young Cassie Hack who travels to small towns across the country to take down killers and slashers. At her side is her companion and protector, Vlad.

Todd Lincoln will be helming from his script that was penned alongside Justin Marks.

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