Sunday, January 24

Tiffany Shepis To Helm ‘The Devil’s Pies’!

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Horror scream queen fave Tiffany Shepis will be taking on her directorial debut this June when she’ll be helming ‘The Devil’s Pies’. Filming begins in June under the Nightmare Works SKG production umbrella. And Miss Shepis had plenty to say on the subject.

“I’ve worked on projects where it’s kids making movies straight out of film school, they don’t know what they’re doing,” Shepis laughs, talking to about cutting her teeth in the director’s chair. “By no means am I smarter than anybody but when you’re on 40 or 50 low budget film sets, you have to pitch in. So, going from set to set half of the time – it’s like the distribution company I [once]ran – you pick up stuff along the way and I did well. So I thought, why not try directing? It’s not a $5 million film, it’s small.”

The movie itself is budgeted at a mere $300 thousand. Shooting is set to begin in Arizona. Rolfe Kanefsky scripted the project with supervision from, Shepis herself.

Casting has begun via the film’s official site (actresses, scream queens and strippers are welcome!), although Shepis tells that casting breakdowns are going out to agencies for some of the key players. “You can look at somebody’s resume and they may have done only one [other film]but that doesn’t scare me,” she adds. “They could come to the table and be hot, but also act decent. What it comes down to is if someone is not going to go out and promote a project or be excited about it, movies don’t go that far. I want girls who are entering their first movie, excited to do this and will tell everybody and their brother about the film when it’s done.”

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