Sunday, January 24

Tim Burton Could Be Directing ‘Pirates 4’?

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Cinema Blend has it, from it’s many reliable sources, that Tim Burton could be re-teaming with Johnny Depp – yet again – on the recently confirmed ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ sequel. Burton is currently working with Disney on ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Little is known as to whether Gore Verbinski, director of the original trilogy, will be looked upon to continue the franchise or whether he’ll be too knackered to bother with anymore for now. Either way if Burton does get the responsibility should we expect to see an even darker Pirates movie with plenty of gothic overtones? Well, it might be a good thing.

Johnny Depp recently signed a deal to appear for a fourth time as Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush has been said to make a return also. Disney are though searching for a new character to play Jack’s brother. Brit actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Russell Brand are the current favourites for the role and surely if Brand gets it little or no make-up or hair stylists will be required.

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