‘Tis the season for horror!!

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Just because the holiday season is coming up and it is considered the season of giving.  It doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite horror movies right?  Or even find yourself a few new ones!  If your spouse is watching, Its A Wonderful Life.  Suggest some Silent Night Deadly Night.  Or, get yourself a roasty fire and sip some egg nog while watching Jack Frost, the killer mutant snowman version of course.  Not that OTHER one with Michael Keaton.

Check these out.  Maybe one of them will become your next winter tradional movie.

30 Days of Night30 Days of Night – Very filling vampire flick staring Josh Hartnett and Melissa George.  The unfortunate residents of a small Alaskan town fight for their lives when a horde of vampires invade.  To make matters worse, they aren’t going to be seeing the sun in time to save them.  Hence the title.  Great movie!

Santa's SlaySanta’s Slay – Bill Goldberg stars as Santa…  Yup.  That’s what I thought too.  But, in the spirit of Christmas I checked it out.  You’d be crazy to go into this taking it serious.  So have a few laughs as you watch Santa pile drive the naughty and nice.

Jack FrostJack Frost – Hell, if you can watch a killer Santa.  You can watch a crazed killer mutant snowman too.  I really liked this movie a lot really.  But, I like a lot of Charles Band’s material.  Its the typical holiday story of a serial killer that happens to find himself covered in toxic waste.  The result is a killer snowman with really bad jokes.  Nice scene with Shannon Elizabeth.

Cold PreyCold Prey
– Typical slasher movie about some teens getting some skiing in while on little vacation.  When they have to take shelter in an isolated ski resort.  They find out very quick they aren’t the only inhabitants of the resort.  Someone has been there much longer.  And is doesn’t like visitors too much. 

Dead SnowDead Snow
– I can’t say enough good about this movie.  It is very similar to Cold Prey in the sense that its about vacationing teens out snowmobiling and staying at a friends cottage in the mountains.  When they get a surprise visit from a stranger, he informs them of a local legend.  When the Nazi dead rises from their snowy graves.  The unfortunate vacationers find out very fast that its true.

Black ChristmasBlack Christmas – Two versions of this movie.  The 1974 version with Margaret Kidder and John Saxon.  And a 2007 version staring…  nobody really.  I think this is the movie that started the sorority slasher fascination we’ve seen so much of.  The ’74 version, I thought, was truly scary.  Really good movie that just doesn’t seem to see the appreciation it needs.  On the flip side.  The ’07 version is nasty.  Horrible movie that shouldn’t even been made.  I think if it wasn’t suppose to be a remake, it would have been….  better.  But, I’d be offended if it was my movie remade.

DreamcatcherDreamcatcher – This is a unique movie.  People just seemed to really like it or really didn’t.  Four friends at different stages of life meet at their favorite hunting cabin to get away from it all.  When a stranger stumbles in going on about aliens, all hell then starts to break loose.  Great cast, pretty interesting and original plot.  Which makes it a little hard to swallow.  But, I think this was a really cool movie.  One of the few movies I liked that King made from his stories.

MiseryMisery – You know, I’m not sure if I would classify this as horror.  But, I think overall it fits.  Another Stephen King book made into a movie.  Kathy Bates plays a woman with a very strong fixation for a certain author.  Of course this guy must have the worst luck in the world.  Because, after a bad accident, he is found by Annie (Kathy Bates).  She is very happy to have him as her guest.  Kidnap you, tie you to a bed, and torture you kind of happy.  Great movie.  Very suspenseful.

Silent Night, Deadly NightSilent Night, Deadly Night – This movie series was always cheesy.  The more of them you watch the more cheese you get.  But, they are quite fun.  If I remember right, each one had a pretty different story.  So it wasn’t about the same characters each time.  The first one is the best though. A young boy is forced to see his parents murdered by someone dressed in a Santa outfit.  After being abused all through his orphanage days, he gets a job at a local shopping center as, you guessed it, Santa.  You know the rest.  

Storm of the CenturyStorm of the Century – When I first saw this movie it really kind of creeped me out.  It starts off really strong I thought and started to wear down towards the end.  Its a very long movie too.  But, it doesn’t take away from the over all quality of it.  Andre Linoge is a very strange man appearing during a 100 year storm on a small Main island.  He knows everything about everyone.  The towns darkest secrets cause murder, suicide and the towns people to turn on themselves.  And if they give him what he wants, he’ll leave.  But, what is it.?  Great made for TV mini series by Stephen King. 

The ShiningThe Shining – Yet again, another Stephen King movie.  I will probably get some slack for this one.  But, I didn’t like the original movie.  Actually liked the remake better.  Go figure.  Jack Torrance and family are hired to be caretakers of a resort in the mountains.  A major snow storm and Danny their clairvoyant son in an already haunted resort is not a good combination.  Because Danny is just adding fuel to already pissed off evil sprits.  The Shining is a very popular movie.  Just wasn’t for me.  But, the remake done in ’97 I really liked.  I would recommend checking out the first one before you see the remake.

Let the Right One InLet The Right One In – The movie is set in Sweden in the 1980’s.  Oskar, a young boy who is bullied and considered a nobody meets Eli.  She only comes out at night, does not like the sun, or food, and has no problem with the cold.  They form an unusual bond, and Eli helps Oskar stand up for himself.  As they grow tighter Oskar gets closer to realizing that his new best friend has a pretty big secret.  Let The Right One In gives us a little something we haven’t seen for a while.  It shows a more sympathetic view of the vampire.  I really liked the movie.  I even here a reboot is being made here in the states.

AbominableAbominable – I really loved this movie.  Its a really good sasquatch type B-movie staring some of my favorite B-horror actors.  Jeffery Combs, Lance Henrikson, and Tiffany Shepis.  For those of you that liked Rear Window, you’ll love this.  Preston had a serious rock climbing accident that landed him stuck to a wheel chair.  Pretty much isolated in his cabin, he has only one neighbor.  Of course it wouldn’t be a monster movie without the cabin full of drunken teens right?  Lots of disposable characters in Abominable.  Its a hell of a good time.

Gremlins Gremlins – You can not go through the season without watching Gremlins.  I almost forgot this one.  If you haven’t seen this movie, you’ve been under a rock too long.  Great story of a cute and cuddly gift gone wrong when the rules are not followed.  This was one of my all time favorite movies growing up.  Its still just as fun today as it was then. 

Jingle all the WayJingle all the Way
– Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad fighting the whole movie over a toy for their kid.  Enough said.  Yup, I saved the scariest for last. 

Anything I forgot?  How about some other horror movies that would fit into this season?  Have a great holiday and happy new year.

“Look, Daddy! Every time you hear a bell, a zombie takes us all to hell.”
– Quoted from The Video Dead

Its a wonderfull life

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