Tuesday, October 20

‘Toolbox Murders 2’ Sequel Commences Shooting and Cast Members Announced

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A sequel to Tobe Hooper’s 2004 ‘Toolbox Murders’ is currently shooting in LA. Dean C. Jones, who acted as second unit director on the first installment, is taking the helm for the follow-up which will see Christopher Doyle reprise his role. The film, in fact based on the 1978 Dennis Donnelly movie ‘The Toolbox Murders’, is also set to star the gorgeous actress and model Chauntal Lewis (below), Brian Krause, Ethan Phillips and the legendary Lance Henriksen. Jones is probably better known for his makeup FX work on a whole host of movies such as ‘Night of the Living Dead 3D’, ‘Fast & Furious’ and the upcoming Disney sequel ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’. The follow-up was announced a couple of years and you can check out the original plot below.

“Picking up directly after the events of Tobe Hooper’s 2003 version of The Toolbox Murders, survivors Nell and Stephen continue their night of Hell as they’re rushed to the nearby Hollywood Memorial hospital. Meanwhile, detectives Cole and Barnes and criminal profiler McGavin exhume TBK’s modern day tomb and uncover his origins.”

Sweet-Assed Chauntal Lewis Joins ‘Toolbox Murders 2’
Sweet-Assed Chauntal Lewis Joins 'Toolbox Murders 2'

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