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Top 20 Horror Movies In The Last 20 Years

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A couple of months ago, Entertainment Weekly ran a horror list.  The top 20 horror movies of the last 20 years.  It was interesting seeing what someone at such a popular magazine felt was worthy of a top 20 list in horror.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  So I’m curious to see what everyone else things would qualify for a spot in the glorious 20 years of horror. 

First we’ll start out with what they posted in Entertainment Weekly.

Dead Alive – ’92
Darkman – ’90
Event Horizon – ’97
The Kingdom – ’94
The Decent – ’05
Shaun of the Dead – ’04
Hostel 2 – ’07
Misery – ’90
From Hell – ’01
Planet Terror – ’07
Ringu – ’98
Alien 3 – ’92
Drag Me To Hell – ’09  (also on my list) 
6th Sense – ’99
What Lies Beneath – ’00
28 Weeks Later – ’07
Scream – ’96 
The Blair Witch Project – ’99
Silence of the Lambs – ’91
Audition – ’99

Not a horrible list.  There are some really good movies in there.  Some I wouldn’t consider top 20 material.  Others I would put really damn close.  Maybe in the top 25.  And a couple I wouldn’t even consider horror.  With that in mind I thought I would make a list of movies I thought could have easily been in the list.  They are in no real order, see what you think.

Trick r’ Treat ’09
Drag Me To Hell ’09
Diary of the Dead ’07
Dawn of the Dead ’04
Altered ’06
Cabin Fever ’02
Deaths of Ian Stone ’07
‘Salems Lot ’04
Hatchet ’06
Feast ’05
Slither ’06
In the Mouth of Madness ’94
Candyman ’92
Night of the Living Dead ’90
Night Flier ’97
Mimic ’97
Mulberry Street ’06
Halloween ’07
Friday the 13th ’09
My Bloody Valentine ’09

I’m curious to see what movies you think could be thrown into this list.  There are lots of good films out there.  And everyone has their opinions on what is a good movie and what isn’t.  I based a lot of my movies on the ones I think are fun and that I like to watch over and over again.  If you haven’t seen some of these movies on any of the lists.  I recommend checking some of them out.  Happy Horror Month.  Enjoy.

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