Monday, January 25

Two More Sign Up To Bousman’s ‘Mother’s Day’

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The shoot is scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks uo in Winnipeg, Canada for Darren Lynn Bousman’s ‘Mother’s Day’ remake. And already it’s getting quite a host of names on board before the cameras have even begun to run. Both Lyriq Bent (‘Saw II’, ‘Saw III’) and actress Lisa Marcos (‘The Listener’) have both signed up to appear alongside Jaime King, Briana Evigan, Shawn Ashmore, and Alexa Vega, who all signed up last week.

Shock Till You Drop are also reporting that a few cameo announcements are also forthcoming. Bent has previously worked on a couple of ‘Saw’ movies with director Bousman so it’ll be interesting to see if these apparent ‘cameos’ will be other ‘Saw’ franchise cast members or not!?

Jaime King recently appeared in the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ remake as well as David Arquette’s ‘The Tripper’. Deborah Ann Woll currently stars as Jessica Hamby in popular HBO vampire serial ‘True Blood’. And of course the sexy Briana Evigan can be seen in the upcoming ‘Sorority Row’ remake.

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