Sunday, January 24

UK Rockers Unleash Zombie Horror Music Video

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Spawned from an ingenious fusion of urban degeneracy and blood-spattered, undead antics, Chickenhawk’s “I Hate This, Do You Like It?” is set to redefine the music video genre. Defying the apparent limitations of a scanty £1,000 budget, director, Danny North supplies sufficient gore to sate even the most depraved appetites. Shot in the bleak, concrete confines of inner city Leeds, “I Hate This…” positively oozes an unmistakably English aura of gloom.

Citing the likes of 30 Days of Night and 28 Days Later as his primary inspiration, North’s swift, ultra-modern legions of the living dead provide the ideal cinematic accompaniment to Chickenhawk’s hyperactive, punk-infused hard rock. Choice cuts include a series of unnerving camera angles, and a particularly gratuitous scene in which drummer, Matthew Reid, turns unexpectedly rabid, gushing blood from multiple orifices.

Promising additional adrenalin-fuelled thrills, Chickenhawk’s blistering EP, “The A.Or Not?” is available now on Brew Records at:

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