Monday, January 25

UK Treated to DVD Release of Serial Killer Horror ‘Choose’ in January

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The ‘Saw’ franchise certainly earned it’s place as one of the biggest horror franchises of all time. 7 films in 6 years, breaking all sorts of records, including becoming the Guinness World Records “Most Successful Horror Movie Series”. So serial killer flicks from now on will also fall victim to comparison. Particularly ones such as Marcus Graves’ ‘Choose’. But here’s hoping there’s a little more to this than the UK DVD cover art lets on. “He makes the rules. You make the choice” does sound a lot like “Live or Die. Make your choice” don’t you think? Anyway ‘Choose’ arrives here in the UK (first!) on DVD on 24 January 2011. The stunning Katheryn Winnick (below) (‘Amusement’, ‘Hellraiser: Hellworld’), Nicholas Tucci, Kevin Pollak, Richard Short and Bruce Dern star.

“The peace and tranquility of an idyllic, suburban city is suddenly broken. Behind a picket fence and manicured lawn, teenager Sara awakens, startled as a rush of cold air gently pushes he bedroom door open.

Across the hall her parents’ bedroom door lies ajar and as her eyes adjust to the darkness she finds her parents gagged and tied to the bed. Knocked unconscious she is later awoken by a deranged killer (nicknamed “Scarlip” – played by Nicholas Tucci) and given sixty seconds to make a simple choice: who dies, her mother or her father?”

Opt to grab your copy of ‘Choose’ when it hits UK DVD shelves on  24 January 2011.

‘Choose’ UK DVD Artwork
'Choose' UK DVD Artwork

The Stunning Katheryn Winnick in Her Sweet Bikini
The Stunning Katheryn Winnick in Her Sweet Bikini

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