Monday, January 25

Upcoming ’30 Days of Night’ Sequel Announced

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More news from the American Film Market courtesy of Joblo. It seems an official announcement for a sequel to the popular vampire flick ’30 Days of Night’ has been made. No word on whether the sequel will be based on the follow-up graphic novel ’30 Days of Night: Return to Barrow’.

You may remember the original ending with Josh Hartnett, following defeat of the vampires that overrun his small Alaskan town becomes a blood-sucking menace himself and soon becomes toast as the sun rises. It is believed that the sequel will focus on Melissa George’s character who seeks revenge on the vampires

The ‘Return to Barrow’ novel by the way features a brother of one of the victims of the original attack becoming the new sheriff of Barrow, Alaska and defending it from another horde of bloodthirsty vamps.

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